Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Following through on his promise to file a bill reforming the Voter ID requirements in Arkansas, Rep. Mark Lowery filed HB 1112 on the first day of the 93rd General Assembly.

The legislation would require a photo identification for all voting and remove the "sworn statement" provision of the State Constitution, where a person does not have to produce a picture ID but can sign a statement that they are a registered voter.

Given the shenanigans surrounding the Pulaski County election staff employed by County Judge Barry Hyde, the PCGOP is grateful to Rep. Lowery for the introduction of this first election reform bill of the session and we look forward to its passage.

Make sure to contact the members of the House State Agencies Committee to share your support of this legislation to keep elections secure in Arkansas.

Pulaski County is represented by Rep. Fred Love (D-Little Rock) on the committee. Please contact him and tell him to support election reform here.