Mon. Dec 5th, 2022


Meeting Pledge
The Pulaski County Republican Committee (PCGOP) is the official county committee of the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Our committee leadership is:

County Chairman: Marliese Kerr
First Vice Chair: Ryan James
Second Vice Chair: Evelyn Gomez
Secretary: Reed Martin
Treasurer: John Parke
State Committeeman: Ryan James
State Committeewoman: Mozella Flucht
2nd District Committeeman: David Grove
2nd District Committeewoman: Sherry Grove

You can contact us at


  • The power of faith in God Almighty
  • The sanctity of life
  • Individual responsibility and initiative
  • Individual freedom and liberty secured by a limited government
  • Private property
  • Lower taxes to produce economic growth
  • Strong national defense
  • The personal right to own and bear arms
  • The equal and just enforcement of the law
  • Separate and equal branches of government

From the RPA Platform.